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Friday January 30th

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MusicWeb can now supply World-wide from the catalogue of the American Label Gasparo at £10, £8 and £6 including postage (restrictions apply on mid-price and budget titles)

MusicWeb can now supply from the catalogue of the Polish labels ARCODIVA and CDACCORD at only £9 post-free World-wide

New from CDACCORD:
ACD130 KILAR Lament, September Symphony
Back in stock from CDACCORD:
ACD071-2 KARLOWICZ Violin Concerto A major Op. 8 "Eternal Songs" symphonic poem Op.10
ACD091 ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741) Le Quattro Stagioni TELEMANN Don Quixote - Suite

ACD 073 Strauss Alpine Symphony Warsaw Philharmonic Kazimierz Kord Read this review Buy disc

New from Arcodiva
BENDA Ariadne auf Naxos Jitka Molavcova - Ariadne Alfred Strejcek - Theseus Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchesrta Conductor Jaraslov Krcek UP 0066-2 231 (CD) New Release Jan 2004

New from Redcliffe
RRO20 British String Quartets Vol 3
Frank Bridge: String Quartet No 4; Alan Bush Suite of Six op.81; Henry Purcell Chacony in G minor Bochmann String Quartet



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All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ and Its American Masters by Craig R. Whitney

BARBIROLLI : CONDUCTOR LAUREATE - the authorised biography by Michael Kennedy

Berton Coffin Coffin’s Sound of Singing

Music and Society in Lowland Scotland in the 18th Century By Dr David Johnson

Orchestra, The LSO: A Century of Triumph and Turbulence by Richard Morrison,

Sharony Andrews Green Grant Green - rediscovering the forgotten genius of jazz guitar

David Milsom Theory and Practice in Late Nineteenth Century Violin Performance

The Yale Musical Instrument Series: The Flute by Ardal Powell

Maddalena Lombardini SIRMEN, Eighteenth-Century Composer, Violinist and Businesswoman

- A caricature guide to 20th century composers





The Daily Hoffnung Cartoon

 The Hoffnung little books
The Maestro, Symphony Orchestra, Music Festival,Companion to Music, Musical Chairs, Acoustics

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$70 incl P&P

NEW Happy Hamper, Little Ones, Postcards, Autobiography, Birds, Bees and Storks

Recording of the Hoffnung Music Festivals: CDs
The Hoffnung Music Festival Concert 1956,The Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival 1958,The Hoffnung Astronautical Music Festival 1961

A Last Encore Now on CD $22 post free world-wide
BBC recordings of Speech Day, Oxford Union, December 1958 "Life begins at 38" with the famous Bricklayer story and the hotelier offering French widows in every bedroom.
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REAL MUSIC …. OR JUST FOR SHOW? ... Arthur Butterworth

BERNARD BARRELL (1919 - )List of works

Sir Thomas Beecham - The CBS collection


MY DESERT ISLAND MUSIC With recollections of her father, the conductor EUGENE GOOSSENS by Renée Goossens

EXCERPTS FROM BELONGING – a memoir By Renée Goossens. Memories of the conductor and composer Eugene Goossens by one of his daughters

Microclimates and Supernovae

Harry Partch 'A Just Cause' by Paul Serotsky (illustrated)

Operette series from Universal Accord reviewed by Ray Walker


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Quote of the week: Finally, a few years ago, after listening to a Tchaikovsky recording made by the Leningrad Philharmonic under Mravinsky in the orchestra’s prime, I asked a professional trumpet player how the uniquely Russian trumpet sound was achieved. I expected a technical reply involving some mystique around mouthpiece profiles and embouchure practice. He said, "They blow like buggery".
John Leemann reviewing BARGAIN OF THE MONTH TCHAIKOVSKY Nutcracker Suite , Capriccio Italien, Eugene Onegin, Waltz and Polonaise Lazarev

William Alwyn's First Symphony

William Alwyn's First Symphony Just a Silver Screen Confection or a Serious Contribution to the 20th Century British Symphonic Catalogue? By John France

Adrian Williams: Biography by Chris Thomas

‘Holes Held Together By String’
Stanford, Parry and the Rise of British Chamber Music in Victoria’s Age by Lewis Foreman

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Look who's been dumped Norman Lebrecht and Dave Hurwitz's reposte

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