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for July 2003


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195 reviews completed for July

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[Detailed listing (last two days)]
[Part 1 New]  [Part 2 A-B] [Part 3 C-L]
[Part 4 M-R]  [Part 5 S-Z]
[Part 6 Misc A-L] 
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New ARTICLES for this month

The Siena Piano – that was a World War II booby trap, a beehive, an incubator and a butcher’s refrigerator by Ian Lace

Following Bax to Glencolumcille by Ian Lace

All this and Heaven Too A Mendelssohn’s Link to Murder, Suicide and the Downfall of a French King by Ian Lace

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more articles this month here

Elsewhere on MusicWeb

Paul Creston Symphonies: triple review - our reviewers fall out?

A tribute to Carey Blyton

Floof! A celebration of new music

Les Contes d’Hoffmann (performed in French), The Helikon Opera, Moscow - Opera Nasty!

Jacqui Dankworth is back!

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