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ROBERT MUCZYNSKI (b. 1929) Complete flute music Alexandra Hawley (flute) Jean-Pierre Rampal (flute) Stanford Woodwind Quintet  rec 21-26 Jan 1995 and 26 Feb 1996 San Rafael, California NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559001 [6841]

WALTER PISTON (1894-1976) Violin Concerto No. 1 (1939) [21.30]  Violin Concerto No. 2 (1960) [25.00]   Fantasia for violin and orchestra (1970) [14.31] James Buswell (violin) National SO of the Ukraine/Theodore Kuchar   rec 27-31 May 1998, Kiev  NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559003 [60.49]

ANTHONY LOUIS SCARMOLIN (1890-1969) orchestral works (1919-1964) *Janacek PO/Joel Eric Suben Slovak RSO/ Joel Eric Suben rec 1995 and 1996 in Slovakia and the Czech Republic NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559012 [75.08]

ELIE SIEGMEISTER (1909-1991) Piano music - Vol. 1 Kenneth Boulton (piano)  rec 1995-1997 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559020 [73.51]

ELIE SIEGMEISTER (1909-1991) Piano music - Vol. 2 Kenneth Boulton (piano)  rec Philadelphia 1995-1997 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559021 [71.47]

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA (1854-1932) Vol. 1 SOUSA on stage Rasumovsky Orchestra/Keith Brion rec Bratislava 1995 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559008 [60.42]

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA (1854-1932) Vol. 2 Sousa at the Symphony Orchestral Music for the concert hall and bandstand Rasumovsky Orchestra/Keith Brion rec Bratislava 1996 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559013 [62.12]

LEO SOWERBY (1895-1968) works for organ and orchestra David Craighead (organ) David Mulbury (organ)   The Fairfield Orchestra/John Welsh rec New York City May 1994 NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8.559028 [70.29]

GEORGE TEMPLETON STRONG (1856-1948) Symphony No. 2 Sintram (1887-88) Chorale on a Theme of Leo Hassler (1929) 7.09   Moscow SO/Adriano rec March  1998, Moscow NAXOS 8.559018 [66.35]

MEREDITH WILLSON (1902-1984) Symphony No. 1 in F minor A Symphony of San Francisco (1936) 39 mins Symphony No. 2 in E minor The Missions of California (1939) 31 mins  Moscow SO/William T. Stromberg rec Moscow, June 1998 NAXOS 8.559006 [70:38]

Yet to come … not released as yet …. CRESTON Symphonies 1-3; RANDALL THOMSON Choral works; BARBER Symphonies 1-2; VIRGIL THOMSON Symphonies 1 and 3 and no doubt more ……. All to be reviewed on this site.

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