The ClassicalLink Quiz

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Martinu Chamber Music (Timpani) review
Mozart Serenades for Wind Instruments (Calliope) review
Poulenc Songs (Harmonic Classics) review
Medieval Music (Arcana)

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1) This quiz is open to everybody and the closing date for entries is 31st December 2002 .

2) Own choice CD prizes are limited to single standard priced CDs available in the UK

3) Len Mullenger's decision is final


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1. Which composer was first to use the term Enigma in the title of a composition?

2. Haydn was not the father of the string quartet. Who was?

3. Who composed the first French violin concerto?

4. Which composer of the 18th century wrote the most symphonies? It wasn't Haydn!

5. Name both a French and an American composer who were both murdered and give the dates.

6. Name a composer who was a murderer.

7. Who edited for publication the correspondence between Balakirev and Tchaikovsky?

8. Name a French composer who was an ambulance driver at the Front in World War One.

9. Which composer wrote an opera about baseball?

10. Name the German Composer who wrote a scherzo in E flat minor for the piano.

11. Köchel. is to Mozart as ............. is to Boccherini

12 Which British composer insisted that any woman who played his concerto must always wear navy blue knickers?

13. Which composer's work was debased into the musical Kismet?

14 Which famous composer was obsessed by bodily functions and kept a record of people farting, dates, times etc?

15. What is a minor third up from G?

16. What conductor said that a conductor's task was to do exactly what the composer wrote in every detail?

17. What is a bleeding chunk in music?

18. What nationality was the great Arnold Dolmetsch?

19. Name two instruments that would never use the bass clef.

20. What do Chopin and Wagner have in common - but it is not a musical matter.