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The Journal of the Friends of Alan Rawsthorne

Current Issue

Volume 5 No.4 Autumn 2006


Editorial John McCabe
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: article on Rawsthorne John McCabe
The Composer: a radio talk by Alan Rawsthorne  
Rawsthorne: two additions to the iconography  
Alan Rawsthorne: a commercial discography John Belcher

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Volume 1 No.1 Autumn 1989

The Rawsthorne Family Elizabeth Bridge
Alan Rawsthorne's Manuscripts Part 1 Timothy Mottershead
The Rawsthorne Archive: Catalogue of Manuscripts Part 1
'Pierette. Valse Caprice' previously unpublished piece for Violin and Piano by Alan Rawsthorne
On Being Smitten by the Music of A.R. John Belcher

Volume 1 No.2 Spring 1990

Obituary - Jessie Hinchliffe Sidonie Goossens
Recording Rawsthorne Alan Cuckston
'Precursors: previously unpublished song by Alan Rawsthorne - words by Louis MacNeice
Alan Rawsthorne's Manuscripts Part 2 Timothy Mottershead
Programme Notes:
     The Creel
    Symphony No.2
     Composer's facsimile
The Rawsthorne Archive
Alan Rawsthorne

Catalogue of Manuscripts Part 2

Volume 1 No.3 Autumn 1990

Unveiling of Plaque Tony Hodges
Rawsthorne's Finest Achievement? (Symphonic Studies) John McCabe
A Few Random Memories of Alan Alan Frank
Elegy for Guitar Luigi Palumbo
'Infant Joy' Previously unpublished song
Juvenilia I
The Rawsthorne Archive Catalogue of Manuscripts Part 3
Programme Notes by Alan Rawsthorne:
    Concerto for String Orchestra
    String Quartet No.3
    Concertante for Piano and Violin

Volume 1 No. 4 Spring 1991

Some Recollections of Alan Rawsthorne Tom Pitfield


     1)      Introduction
     2)      "The Celluloid Plays a Tune" *
     3)      "Only Connect"
     4)      List of Rawsthorne Film Scores

Alan Rawsthorne
John M.Belcher
Portrait of the Composer in the 1920s
"Weep You No More" - Part Song previously unpublished
Juvenilia 2- "A Morning Walk" Alan Rawsthorne
The Rawsthorne Archive Catalogue of Manuscripts Part 4
Recordings ~ Review Alan Blyth Daubney
* Extracted from "Twenty British Composers", edited by Peter Dickinson and published by Chester Music.
Reproduced by kind permission of the publisher.

Volume 1 No.5 Autumn 1991

A Note on Rawsthorne's Musical Idiom Ian White


The Commercial Recordings John Belcher
The First Commercial Recording
"The Theme and Variations of Alan Rawsthorne." Terpander
The Rawsthorne Archive - The Recorded Music
"Tzu-Yeh" Songs: previously unpublished songs by Alan Rawsthorne
Juvenilia III:
"Triolets' and 'Why?

Volume 2 No.1 Spring 1992


Obituary - Barbara Rawsthorne Elizabeth Bridge and Tony Hodges
Obituary - Isabel Rawsthorne Edward Williams
"Forgotten Treasure? -
Rawsthorne's second Violin Concerto      Newly Considered by     
Professor Sebastian Forbes
'The Pre-War Years' Gordon Green
2Oth Anniversary - Film Society
                              - London
Tony Hodges
Tim Mottershead
Rawsthorne Discography - Part 2 John Belcher
Juvenilia Alan Rawsthorne
Index to Volume 1

Volume 2 No.2 Autumn 1992

Foreword from the President John McCabe
Rawsthorne's 3rd Symphony Ian White
The Longest Walk on Earth Alan Rawsthorne


John Belcher
A Privilege, indeed! Report on recording session for Piano Concertos: Michael Smith
Note to 2nd Piano Concerto Alan Rawsthorne
Note to the Concerto for Two Pianos Alan Rawsthorne
Piano Concertos ~ Review John Belcher
What the Critics Said ~ 1st Piano Concerto
Juvenilia "One Night" Alan Rawsthorne
Suite for viola d'amore and piano Anthony Hodges
Rawsthorne Discography Part 3 John Belcher

Volume 2 No.3 Spring 1993

Recollections of a Long Friendship Gerard Schurmann
Rawsthorne's Recorder Suite John Turner
Rawsthorne and The Cheltenham Festival Tony Hodges
Composer's Programme Note Practical Cats'
College Days
Juvenilia: A 1914 Ode to Mrs. P. Alan Rawsthorne
Rawsthorne Discography Part 4 John Belcher
The Rawsthorne Trust Update
Errata to the last issue (3rd Symphony)
Cheltenham 1951

Volume 3 No.1 (New Series) 1994

Rawsthorne's First Violin Concerto: a classic example of his style Professor Sebastian Forbes
The Rawsthorne Archive: the Recorded Music Part 5 John M. Belcher

Volume 3 No.2 (New Series) 1995

Rawsthorne's Orchestral Sound Ian White
Medieval Diptych Timothy Mottershead

Volume 3 No.3 (New Series) 1996

The Swedenborg Connection Dennis Duckworth
Rawsthorne's Piano Trio: a personal journey Peter Adams
Alan Rawsthorne Basil Langton

Volume 3 No.4 1997
The Fifth Bagatelle John McCabe
The Clarinet Concerto Geoffrey Thomason
Constant Lambert and Alan Rawsthorne Davis Heyes

Volume 3 No.5 Spring 1998

The Ladykillers: Music from those glorious Ealing Films Alan Cuckston
Reconstructing Film Scores Philip Lane
Only Connect:Alan Rawsthorne's Film Music in Context John Belcher
Rawsthorne Film Scores John Belcher

Volume 4 No.1 Summer 1999


Reinstating Rawsthorne: A short Account of the Alan Rawsthorne Society and the Rawsthorne Trust, 1985-1998 John Belcher
A Guide to the Choral Music Maarten Surtel
Alan Rawsthorne: Some reflections from America Phillip Ramey
Rawsthorne Chamber Music for piano, wind and mixed ensemble: from the pianists point of view Kathron Sturrock
Hubert Foss on Rawsthorne: a Radio talk Simon Wright
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Volume 4 No.4 Autumn 2002


Walton and Rawsthorne John McCabe
Bassonicus: Golden numbers Jefferey Cox
Poems and parodies: some unpublished Rawsthorne juvenilia at the RNCM Geoffrey Thomason
'The Composer speaks': Alan Rawsthorne talks to Malcolm Rayment  
Hubert Foss on Rawsthorne: a Radio talkSimon Wright

Volume 5 No.1 Autumn 2003


Poet and Composer: Randall Swingler and Alan Rawsthorne Andy Croft
Alan Rawsthorne: a personal memoir John Veale
Madam Chrysothème: a recording session report Philip Lane
Piano Concerto No.1: a publication history in documents Simon Wright
Anthony Hodges: a tribute Anna Smart
Hubert Foss on Rawsthorne: a Radio talk Simon Wright

Volume 5 No.2 Autumn 2004


Further recollections of a long Friendship Gerard Schurmann
Alan Rawsthorne as I knew him David C F Wright
The Greater and Lesser Brahms Alan Rawsthorne
The Rawsthorne Piano Concerto on compact disc John McCabe
Madame Chrysanthème: a review of the complete recording Maarten Surtel

Volume 5 No.3 Winter 2005/6
Celebrating Rawsthorne's Centenary Year 2005


Centenary Guest Editorial John McCabe
Rawthorne on Record: a centenary review John Belcher
Rawsthorne and Lambert: sharing a centenary Stephen Lloyd
Rawsthorne's Cortèges David C. F.Wright
Alan Rawsthorne: The fish with an ear for music Tim Mottershead

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