Festina lente

This Latin tag epitomises the progress of the Society* as we look back at its first ten years of existence. Throughout that period the ambition has ever been to hasten the promotion of Rawsthorne and his music: that process has been impeded only by the availability of resources. At the space of a decade we can see that by working together the Society and Trust have achieved much more than might at first have been anticipated. This has been made possible by the steady, diligent and systematic investment of the royalties, deriving from performances of the composer's music, which were bequeathed to the Trust by Isabel Rawsthorne in 1992. With over £70,000 already committed from this source it has been possible to bring Rawsthorne's music to the public in numerous concert performances, publications and the addition to the commercial catalogue of many recordings, which would not have been made but for subvention by the Trust. That investment will eventually lead to 36 works being added to the lists - half already released, 8 awaiting release, 5 very recently recorded, and 5 contracted for recording. We will see the whole of the chamber music available and, with releases to be made in 1998, the bulk of the salient orchestral music will become available. It is hoped that recordings of the Symphonic Studies and the 'Cello and Oboe Concertos can be secured to supplement these. The publication of John McCabe's biography, 'Alan Rawsthorne - Portrait of a Composer' in 1998 will be a landmark event.

With these achievements behind us we must anticipate a changed future investment pattern - perhaps the funding of public performances of major pieces, ensuring that music is brought back into print and aiding academic research and educational projects. We also have to acknowledge that with the prospect of a reduction in royalfies our future haste may be even slower. Financial resourcing will, as hitherto, require the added crucial asset of a committed membership: to you all we express thanks for your support during in the last decade.

* The Society ceased in 2002 becoming the Friends of Alan Rawsthorne

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