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Edmundo Ros
Mambo Jambo
Nostalgia NAXOS 8.120551

  1. South America, Take It Away!
  2. Mama, yo busco un quere
  3. I, Yi Yi, YI
  4. Congo Boom
  5. Soltero es mejor
  6. Tico-Toco
  7. Come With Me, My Honey
  8. In Chi Chi Castenango
  9. The Three Caballeros
  10. Negra consentida
  11. Come Closer to Me
  12. Her Bathing Suit Never Got wet
  13. Chiquita Banana
  14. Maracas
  15. A Rainy Night in Rio
  16. Managua, Nicaragua
  17. Money, Money, Money
  18. The Whistle Samba
  19. Mambo Jambo
  20. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena

Edmondo Ros was born in Port of Spain Trinidad in 1910, he came to London as a RAM student in 1937 and by 1940 he was leading his own Latin American band. In between the war years and after the Second World War there was a great yen for the exotic and Edmundo's Latin American rhythms satisfied it perfectly. He was a regular feature of the BBC from 1944 until he retired to Spain in 1975. I was a great fan of his programmes, although he would not have described his work as jazz, he always employed the very best musicians and his knowledge of all the different Latin rhythms was phenomenal. In the latter days of the band, he used to have a regular programme on Saturday lunchtimes and where a lot of bandleaders of his experience would have relied on their existing library, Edmundo hired new arrangers to bring a freshness to the programme. He had a most warm and attractive personality and if his singing voice wasn't the best in the world, it was always musical and immediately recognisable. There must be very many people with fond memories, like mine of Edmundo Ros and I hope they buy this album in the numbers he deserves.

Don Mather

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