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  1. Ne Togo Ye Sadjouma (6:48)

  2. She Became A Thousand Birds (5:13)

  3. Bach To The Future (6:16)

  4. Goodnight Resurrection (6:42)

  5. Bu(ho) nuelitos (5:01)

  6. Balada para mis Hijas (3:51)

  7. Water Giggles (7:12)




    Juan Garcia-Herreros: contrabass guitar

    Mamadou Diabate: balafon and vocal

    Roberto Quintero: percussion

    Stoyan Yankubalov: drums and tupan

    SuCh: lead vocals

    Kandy Guira: vocal

    Karim Sanou: vocal

    Seydou Diabate: vocal

    Djakali Kone: vocal

    Abdoulaye Dembele: vocal

    Dramane Dembele: vocal

    Nikola Stanosevic: keyboards

    Bertl Mayer: harmonica

    Zhivko Vasilev: kaval

    Alejandra Maria: violin

    Jonathan Powell: trumpet

    Jeremy Powell: saxophone

    Peter Keseru: French horn

    Gerald Schubert: violin

    Frosina Bogdanoska: violin

    Iris Krall-Radulian: violin

    Pia Szedenik: violin

    Laszlo Toma: viola

    Simon Prinz: viola

    Anna Nagy: cello

    Clara Lindenbaum: cello

    Vincent Perrotin: contrabass

    Composer and bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros, who also goes by his stage name Snow Owl, was born in Bogota, Colombia and now lives in Vienna. He performs on a customized six-string electric contrabass guitar, and is known as one of the finest bass players in the world. On this album he performs seven of his original compositions, assisted by an outstanding group of musicians. This album won three Global Music Awards in 2016: Best World Jazz, Best Album, and Best New Release of 2016. The tune Ne Togo Ye Sadjouma ( My Name Is Snow Owl) is a fast-paced blend of Colombian rhythms and jazz and features Mamadou Diabate performing on the balafon, a wooden xylophone, along with the African Griot Choir from Burkina Faso, and a colorful orchestral background. Bu(ho)nuelitos is a percussion-driven number with a quick Latin rhythm featuring Roberto Qunitero performing on maracas and Stuyan Yankulov playing the Bulgarian tupan, with other musicians providing solos: keyboard, harmonica and kaval, a tradional Bulgarian flute, all matched by Snow Owl on bass guitar. Vocalist SuCh, or Su Charles, is a talented American soul singer with a lovely, soft voice who sings two ballads; Goodnight Resurrection and the haunting She Became A Thousand Birds, accompanied by bass guitar and violin. Balada para mis Hijas is a slow, dreamy tune with a searching melody and is performed by the string ensemble accompanied by bass guitar. Water Giggles is a light, breezy jazz number featuring Snow Owl performing with the orchestra over a background of the sound of children playing.

    This album was recorded at Feistritz Castle in Austria and was released in July 2016. There is no booklet, and liner notes are limited to the disc cover. The sound quality is excellent. This album was produced by Juan Garcia-Herreros, and Robert J. Adams was the Executive Producer.

    Bruce McCollum


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