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A Portrait of Mt. T & Mr. G Their 21 finest 1959-1962





Jack Teagarden and His Sextet, featuring Don Goldie

Jack Teagarden- trombone

Don Goldie- trumpet

Henry Cuesta- clarinet

Don Ewell- piano

Stan Puls- double-bass

Ronnie Greb (1-8, 10)- drums

Barrett Deems (9, 11-17)- drums

  1. South Rampart Street Parade

  2. When

  3. Tin Roof Blues

  4. Roundtable Romp

  5. Aunt Hagar’s Country Home

  6. High Society

  7. Blue dawn

  8. Ever Lovin’ Baby

  9. A Portrait of Mr. T

  10. Riverboat Shuffle

  11. Don’t tell A Man About His Woman

  12. In The Dark

  13. Basin Street Blues

  14. Mahogany Hall Stomp

  15. Afternoon In August

  16. Peaceful Valley

  17. Original Dixieland One-Step

    Jack Teagarden and Don Goldie and strings

    Jack Teagarden- trombone

    Don Goldie- trumpet

    Bernie Leighton or Elliot Eberhard- piano

    Barry Galbraith- electric guitar

    Art Davis- double-bass

    Russ Case (18, 20, 21)- arranger and conductor

    Bob Brookmeyer (19)- arranger and conductor

  18. Old Folks

  19. ‘Taint So, Honey, ‘Taint So

  20. I’m A Fool About My Mama

  21. Country Boy Blues



    Jack Teagarden was one of the great trombonists of all time, as well as an outstanding jazz singer. He was born in Vernon, Texas in 1905 and began playing trombone at the age of eight. His arms were too short to work the slide, so he developed an adroit embouchure to reach the low notes. Jack perfected a relaxed, swinging, bluesy sound on the trombone, and was one of the first trombonists to develop the horn’s ability as a solo instrument. His singing style was the same way- natural and direct, and his friendly baritone singing voice couldn’t hide his Southern drawl. Jack played with the Ben Pollack Orchestra in 1928 and Paul Whiteman’s band in 1934, and had his own group, the Teagarden Orchestra from 1939 to 1946. He played with Louis Armstrong’s from 1947 to 1951, before leaving to form his own Sextet. Don Goldie (1930-1995) was from a later generation, a talented and creative jazz trumpet player from New Jersey who had performed with bands led by Ralph Burns, Neal Hefti, Earl Hines, Buddy Rich, and Jackie Gleason, among many others. Don joined Jack and his Sextet in 1959, and this disc contains 21 tunes they recorded together from 1959 to 1962. The classic South Rampart Street Parade was recorded live at the Roundtable Club in New York in July 1959 and appeared on the Roulette label. The lively tune features great solos all around, including Don Ewell’s honky-tonk stride piano, Henry Cuesta’s fluttering clarinet, and a tight two-horn finale. Aunt Hagar’s Country Home is a slow, lazy number with Jack and Don singing and chatting their way through an easy duet. Don Goldie composed the tune Blue Dawn and demonstrate his technical prowess playing lead on the lingering, haunting ballad. Jack Teagarden was a friend and admirer of Willard Robison, a composer, singer and pianist who had a musical style similar to Hoagy Carmichael’s, and who wrote many songs during the 1920’s. Four of those tunes (tracks 18-21) are included on this disc, with orchestral arrangements and unidentified string sections. Jack sings the slow-paced Old Folks and Country Boy Blues, and the charming tune ‘Taint So, Honey, ‘Taint So. These last four numbers were recorded in January, 1962 on the Verve record label.

    This is an excellent collection of songs and performances by Jack Teagarden and Don Goldie. The sound quality is very good. Ray Crick and Digby Fairweather compiled the music, and Alan Bunting performed the audio restoration and remastering. A 12-page booklet is included, with notes and comments by Digby Fairweather.

    Bruce McCollum

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