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ANNETTE HANSHAW The Personality Girl

Her 53 Finest 1926-1934





DISC ONE (1926-1929)

  1. The Black Bottom (3:06)

  2. Six Feet Of Papa (3:13)

  3. Do, Do, Do (3:09)

  4. Everything’s Made For Love 92:53)

  5. Ain’t He Sweet? (2:19)

  6. It All Depends On You (2:50)

  7. Here Or There, As Long As I’m With You (2:49)

  8. Wistful And Blue (2:46)

  9. Nothin’ (2:28)

  10. I’m Somebody’s Somebody Now (3:05)

  11. I Like What You Like (2:54)

  12. Ain’t That A Grand And Glorious Feeling? (2:58)

  13. Who-oo? You-oo, That’s Who! (3:03)

  14. Under The Moon (3:22)

  15. Miss Annabelle Lee (2:55)

  16. From Now On (2:27)

  17. It Was Only A Sun Shower (3:09)

  18. Who’s That Knockin’ At My Door? (2:48)

  19. Just Another Day Wasted Away (3:12)

  20. What’ll You Do? (2:36)

  21. The Song Is Ended, But The Melody Lingers On (3:06)

  22. Thinking Of You (2:49)

  23. There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth The Salt Of My Tears (2:31)

  24. The Japanese Sandman (2:33)

  25. Get Out And Get Under The Moon (2:45)

  26. Mean To Me (3:13)

  27. Button Up Your Overcoat (2:53)


    DISC TWO (1929-1934)

  1. You Wouldn’t Fool Me, Would You? (2:40)

  2. That’s You, Baby (2:40)

  3. Big City Blues (3:03)

  4. Am I Blue? (3:11)

  5. Pagan Love Song (3:08)

  6. Lovable And Sweet (2:48)

  7. The Right Kind Of Man (3:20)

  8. Ain’tcha? (3:01)

  9. I Have To Have You (2:59)

  10. Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love (3:16)

  11. I’m Following You (3:19)

  12. Telling It To The Daisies (3:13)

  13. Little White Lies (2:55)

  14. I Want A Good Man, And I Want him Bad (2:45)

  15. Body And Soul (3:04)

  16. I Hate Myself for Falling In Love With You (3:23)

  17. Would You Like To Take A Walk? (3:37)

  18. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home (2:44)

  19. Ho-Hum! (3:03)

  20. We just Couldn’t Say “Goodbye” (2:59)

  21. Say It Isn’t So (3:00)

  22. Fit As A Fiddle (3:03)

  23. Moon Song, That Wasn’t Meant For Me (2:54)

  24. Twenty Million People (2:43)

  25. I Cover The Waterfront (2:58)

  26. Let’s Fall In Love (2:50)


    Annette Hanshaw was born in October, 1901 into a wealthy family in Manhattan, and became a talented singer and pianist at an early age. She got her start by performing at her father’s hotels and on local radio shows. When she was 24, Pathe Actuelle, a French music company, discovered her and signed her to a contract. Annette’s first commercial recordings were Six Feet Of Papa and The Black Bottom, made for the Pathe Actuelle label and recorded in New York in September 1926. Annette’s career only lasted about ten years, and during that brief time she became one of the era’s most popular radio stars, selling over four million records. Annette was a shy, sweet, classy lady and a natural jazz singer. She had a wonderfully relaxed alto voice, with perfect pitch and intonation that projected warmth and a flapper’s personality. Annette began recording for Columbia Records in 1928, and some of her recordings on Columbia’s subsidiary labels were released under other names, including Patsy Young, Dot Dare, and Gay Ellis. Annette also recorded at various times as Lelia Sanford, Janet Shaw, Marion Lee, and Ethyl Bingham. She appeared on the Maxwell House Show Boat radio program for several years, and also sang on the air with Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orchestra. Annette never toured or performed on stage, preferring the company of the musicians and staying out of the lime light, and the musicians loved her for it. This 2-disc set features 53 songs from Annette’s career. George and Ira Gershwin wrote Do, Do, Do for the 1926 musical Oh, Kay! Annette accompanies herself on the piano, and announces a happy “That’s all!’ at the end of the song, a trademark line she used frequently for her tunes. The Four Instrumental Stars were an interesting combo featuring jazz violinist Joe Venuti, guitarist Eddie Lang, drummer Vic Berton, and the incredible Adriani Rollini, who played a variety of exotic instruments, including the hot fountain pen and the goofus. The quartet accompanies Annette onI’m Somebody’s Sombody Now and I Like What You Like, recorded in June, 1927. Annette recorded several songs in early 1929 with The New England Yankees, a talented group that featured Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, with trombonist Charlie Butterfield. She sings Button Up Your Overcoat by mimicking her friend Helen Kane, another popular singer who was well-known as the “boop-boop-be-doop” girl. Fit As A Fiddle was composed by Arthur Freed, Al Hoffman and Al Goodhart, and appeared in the 1932 musical George White’s Music Hall Varieties. Annette sings a bouncy swing version accompanied by violinists Harry Hoffman and Matty Malneck, clarinetist Jimmy Dorsey and Chauncey Morehouse playing the vibraphone. The tune originally appeared on the Perfect record label.

    The last song in this collection is the Harold Arlen-Ted Koehler tune Let’s Fall In Love, performed with a nine-piece ensemble featuring trumpeter Sterling Bose and trombonist Jack Teagarden, and recorded on February 3, 1934 on the Vocalion label. This was also Annette’s last recording date. Annette continued singing for radio shows for several more years, and finally ended her singing career on December 6, 1937, performing her last song on the The Chevrolet Musical Moments Revue radio program. Annette retired to a quiet family life, leaving behind a rich musical legacy.

    This music was compiled by Ray Crick. Martin Haskell performed the audio restoration and remastering. Peter Dempsey provided the liner notes, and an excellent 16-page booklet is included, with notes about the songs and the performers. The sound quality is very good.

    Bruce McCollum

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