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Something’s Coming! / The Groovy Sound Of Music/ The Time Machine






    Vibraphonist Gary Burton is well-known as a jazz musician, composer and innovator. He has been active in the music industry since 1960. Early in his career, Gary developed his own technique of performing using four mallets. His style of holding two mallets in each hand for playing marimbas or vibraphones is known today as the Burton grip, a variant of the cross-grip style. Gary has performed with many top jazz, country and rock musicians, and created a variety of crossover jazz albums. This disc is a collection of three of his early productions, all released on the RCA label. Something’s Coming! was recorded in August 1963 in New York and released in 1964. The classic On Green Dolphin Street features lively 32-bar instrumental solos by Gary and electric guitarist Jim Hall, and a shorter solo by bassist Chuck Israels. The prophetic tuneSomething’s Coming from the musical West Side Story gets a new arrangement; the song’s jagged rhythm and jumpy melody are re-made into interesting counterpoints by the bass and guitar, while the vibraphone brightly leads and fills in the gaps. The Groovy Sound Of Music was recorded in December 1964 and released in 1965, and features jazz arrangement of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s songs from the musical The Sound of Music. The song Climb Ev’ry Mountain was arranged by Gary McFarland, and highlights Gary Burton’s vibraphone with unidentified background strings and woodwinds. Another interesting jazz remake is Sixteen Going On Seventeen, with a swinging bouncy rhythm, and cool clarinet solos contrasted by a melodious vibraphonic cloud. The album The Time Machine was recorded in 1966 in New York, with Steve Swallow on bass and drummer Larry Bunker. This album features multi-tracking on most numbers, with Gary performing on several different instruments. The bossa nova tune Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) by Antonio Carlos Jobim was first recorded in 1958. The trio performs the song with marimbas, as well as a vibraphone and various background percussive effects, giving it a lively rhythm and full, rich sound. Deluge is another overdubbed number, with simultaneous tracks on vibraphone that produce a dancing rainfall effect, contrasting nicely with the drums and bass solos.

    An interesting 24-page booklet is included, with notes and photographs from the original albums, as well as additional notes by Charles Waring. This music was digitally remastered by Andrew Thompson at Sound Performance in London. The sound quality is excellent.

    Bruce McCollum

    Disc One:

    Something’s Coming!

    Gary Burton- vibes

    Jim Hall- guitar

    Chuck Israels- bass

    Larry Bunker- drums

    1. On Green Dolphin Street

    2. Melanie

    3. Careful

    4. Six Improvisatory Sketches

    5. Something’s Coming ( from ‘West Side Story’)

    6. Little Girl Blue

    7. Summertime

    8. The Groovy Sound Of Music

      Gary Burton- vibraphone

      Bob Brookmeyer- trombone

      Phil Woods- alto sax and clarinet

      Joe Puma- guitar

      Steve Swallow- bass

      Joe Hunt- drums

      Ed Shaughnessy- drums

    9. Climb Ev’ry Mountain

    10. Maria

    11. An Ordinary Couple

    12. My Favorite Things

    13. Sixteen Going On Seventeen

    14. Do-Re-Mi

    15. Edelweiss

    16. The Sound Of Music

      TOTAL PLAYING TIME: [72:16]

      Disc Two:

      The Time Machine

      Gary Burton- vibes, piano, marimbas

      Steve Swallow- bass

      Larry Bunker- percussion

    1. The Sunset Bell

    2. Six-Nix, Quix, Flix

    3. Interim I

    4. Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)

    5. Childhood

    6. Deluge

    7. Norwegian Wood

    8. Interim II

    9. Falling Grace

    10. My Funny Valentine

      TOTAL PLAYING TIME: [37:52]

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