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Um Pouquinho de Carinho / A Little bit of Love





  1. Festa com Amor (Minako Yagi) (3:42)

  2. Caxanga (Milton Nascimento) (5:01)

  3. Emoldurada (Ivan Lens) (5:03)

  4. Cangalha (Joao Lyra) (4:57)

  5. Bolero de Paulinho (Paulo Cesar Gomes) (6:50)



    Performers of Latin jazz have extended the genre around the world. This disc introduces a group known as Banda Mandacarinho, a Tokyo-based big band specializing in Brazilian popular music, known as MPB. The band members are an international mix of players from Brazil, Japan, Cuba, Canada, and the United States. This is the bandís first album, a collection of tunes from Brazil with new arrangements. Festa com Amor is a bright, cheerful number with a quick Latin beat colored with a touch of funk. The tight brass sections smoothly take turns with the lead before combining for rich and heavy staccato accents. Cangalha, composed by guitarist Joao Lyra, is performed with a driving Latin rhythm featuring a soaring trumpet solo by Luis Valle, which contrasts well with the deep baritone sax solo by Kazuki Nagashima. Drummer Juasa Kanoh is the glue that holds these songs together, and his prodigious talent is apparent on Caxanga, composed by Milton Nascimento, which Minako Yagi has arranged as a jazzy Latin march. Fine solos by pianist Hiroko Miyano, bassist Toru Kase and Andy Wulf on tenor sax round out the tune. Bolero de Paulinho was composed by Paulo Cesar Gomes, and the band plays the smooth, sultry dance number with a rich, layered brass arrangement that showcases solos by trumpeter Ryuichi Takase and alto saxophonist Gustavo Anacleto, who also provided the excellent arrangement. Emoldurada is a light, dancing samba featuring solos by alto saxophonist Steve Sacks and trumpeter Mitsuriu Tanaka and some fine background work on the vibraphone by Chie Suzuki.

    This disc was released in June, 2017. The music was recorded at HMVP Studio in Tokyo. Mixing and mastering was performed by recording engineer Yuichiro Hiraoka. No booklet is included; notes and credits are listed on the disc cover in English and Japanese. The sound quality is excellent, the musical arrangements are interesting, and the performances are well-done. A minor complaint would be that the entire disc runs a little under 25 minutes long, less than half of what a listener would expect. Another five songs of this quality would have been a welcome addition and an easy fit onto this disc.

    Bruce McCollum

  6. Performers:

    Minako Yagi- Director

    Luis Valle- trumpet

    Mitsuru Tanaka- trumpet

    Ryuichi Talase- trumpet

    Yuma Takeuchi- trumpet

    Hiroki Sato- trombone

    Yuu Uesugi- trombone

    Masaki Domoto- trombone

    Steve Sacks- woodwinds

    Gustavo Anaciento- woodwinds

    Andy Wulf- woodwinds

    Kazuki Nagashima- woodwinds

    Yuichiro Hiraoka- guitar

    Hiroko Miyano- piano

    Chie Suzuki- vibraphone

    Toru Kase- bass

    Juasa Kanoh- drums and percussion


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