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Sounds of Brasil

(Self produced)



1. 2nd Line/Partido Alto
2. SOB
3. Song for My Mom
4. Mr. Hindemith
5. Brasilian Carnaval (take 1)
6. Baby's Vibe
7. Samba in 4th
8. Brasilian Carnaval (take 2)
9. Batacuda

Duduka Da Fonseca - Drums, percussion
Craig Handy - Flute, alto sax, tenor sax
Jorge Continentino - Flute, alto flute, tenor sax, baritone sax
Ark Ovrutski - Double-bass, electric bass
Helio Alves - Piano.


A Ukrainian playing Brazilian music? It seems unlikely but Ukraine-born Ark Ovrutski has travelled extensively, moving from Kiev to Moscow to Poland and then Italy, where he took Berklee's music programme and eventually went onto the USA for more studies. He was obviously deeply impressed by meeting Brazilian drummer Duduka da Fonseca, whose appearance on this CD substantiates its claim to use authentically Brazilian rhythms. The presence of pianist Helio Alves reinforces the Brazilian influence, and the quintet is completed by two superb reedmen: Craig Handy and Jorge Continentino, the latter adding to the Brazilian contingent.

In fact Craig and Jorge adsd much to th appeal of this album - for instance, in their delifghtful flute duet on SOB, where Ark Ovrutski proves he is adept on the bass guitar. Incidentally SOB stands for "Sound of Brazil" and was the name of a nightclub in Manhattan. Most of the album has a subtle Brazilian ambience which never goes to excess, although it can be very stimulating - for example on the hustling Mr Hindemith, which includes a busy double bass solo and a virtuoso drum solo.

The two takes of Brasilian Carnaval seem to end with a free-for-all, after soprano and baritone saxes have blended surprisingly well and Helio has contributed a shimmering piano solo. Another highlight is the gently sentimental Song for My Mom, with Craig playing flute and Jorge on alto flute. But every track has something to recommend it, although the final Batucada is an inconsequential bass-and-drums duet which only lasts for about half a minute.

However strange it may seem for Ark Ovrutski to be playing Brazilian music, this album proves that music is a universal language which everyone can learn to appreciate.

Tony Augarde

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