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Little Motor People

Winter & Winter 9190622



1. Saturday/Sunday
1.1. Day Dream Dance
1.2. Beer Hall Commentary
1.3. On the Job
1.4. Dark Hours
1.5. Sunday
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
3. Only Minutes Left
4. My Favourite Things
5. Little Motor People
6. Donna Lee
7. Black as a Sunny Day
8. Autumn Leaves
9. 30’s Picnic
Hank Roberts - Cello, Vocals, Jazz-a-phone fiddle.
Django Bates - Piano, Synthesizer, Tenor Horn
Arto Tunchoyaciyan - Percussion, Vocals

This record is certainly different, a look at the instrumental line up tells you that! It is also a bit like the curate’s egg, good in parts. I liked the Saturday/Sunday suite because it is certainly original, but the version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow on track 2, would certainly have Harold Arlen twitching in his grave.

I wonder whether this is really jazz, I know the music is a very broad church, but whilst it is interesting to listen to these very creative musicians, the connection with our great music is I think a tenuous one. There is little doubt that these are jazz musicians and when they have a mind things do swing, I wish they had a mind a bit more often!

If you are growing bored with the music you usually listen to, you could try this one, it certainly has something, but I know not what.

Don Mather

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