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Live at the Felt Forum

CTI 5127872



      1. Do It Again
      2. Spirit of Summer
      3. Parana
      4. Tropes
      5. Branches
      6. Baubles Bangles & Beads
      7. Skyscraper

      Tracks 3 & 5
      Airto Moreira – Percussion & Vocals
      Flora Purim – Vocals
      David Amaro – Guitar
      Hugo Fattorusso – Piano
      All other tracks
      Eumir Deodato – Keyboards
      John Giulino – Electric Bass
      John Tropea – Guitar
      Rick Marrota – Drums
      Rubens Bassini – Congas
      Gilmore Degap – Percussion
      Joe Temperley – Baritone
      Burt Collins, Joe Shepley – Trumpets
      Garnett Brown – Trombone

      Musical arrangements and additional string arrangements: Bob James

      These tracks are part of a concert recorded on April 20, 1973 at New York’s Felt Forum. It has been released before in two different forms and a mystery seems to surround why the first half of the concert, in which Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine starred has never been released.

      I am not the greatest fan of the Creed Taylor, jazz for the people ethic, as I have made plain in previous reviews, but I have to say that on this one it works and works well. It must have been very exciting to be present on that evening in 1973, the Deodato band swings like mad and the charts make it sound like a big band even there are only two trumpets, a trombone and a saxophone. The ensemble playing is clean and precise and provides an ideal framework for the soloists of which John Tropea on guitar is exceptional. The rhythm section drives on and when combined with the horns and percussion produces a wall of sound. Deodato himself knows exactly how to exploit the electronics to maximum effect without lapsing into weird sounds for their own sake.

      Airto I am less sure about, their performance is interesting, but I don’t think the jazz content is very high, particularly when compared to Deodato. There are too many jungle noises for my ears!

      My favourite track is Baubles, Bangles and Beads; the Latin percussion suits the tune and makes the performance more interesting. It also gives a chance to hear what a fine bass player John Guilino is. John Tropea is a major contributor again on guitar. It was good to hear the fine trombone of Garnett Brown on Deodato’s composition Skyscraper.

      At last an album that has successfully combined Rock, Latin and Jazz, many have tried few have succeeded!

      Don Mather


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