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Country Libations


Marsalis Music/Rounder Records 11661-3303-2



    1. Libation No1 – Back of the Hymnal
    2. Libation No2 – Trouble, Lord
    3. Baby, If Your Lyin’
    4. Libation No4 – Ain’t Quite Four This Morning
    5. Libation No5 Ranura Del Campo
    6. Dim Tangy Tennessee Twang
    7. Libation No7
    8. Along the Way
    9. The Sweet Magnolia Tree
    10. Walking on the Moon
    11. If I Fall
    12. Back to the River.

Doug Wamble vocals & guitar

Charles Burnham – violin

Roy Dunlap – piano

Jeff Hanley – bass

Peter Miles drums, percussion

Branford Marsalis, who plays sop on track 9, produced the record

Doug Wable is a one off, a throw back to the early blues shouters, but one who has taken into account all the musical developments that have taken place since the early days of jazz. Likewise his band is ideally suited to backing the music, the majority of which is his own compositions. The rhythm section can swing at the drop of a hat and Charles Burnham is a very unusual jazz violin player. Doug himself can certainly play; he uses an acoustic guitar held near to a microphone, but still manages to play interesting improvisations.

The recording quality is excellent, no doubt the expertise of Branford Marsalis was no doubt a great help in that aspect. He also contributes to track 9, playing soprano sax.

Doug hails from Memphis and he draws his influences from gospel, country, pre-bop jazz, free jazz and vintage R&B, a very wide spectrum of music indeed.

To pursue their career the band moved to New York where they currently reside.

It is very hard to adequately describe what is going on in this record; my advice is listen to it for yourself. I am sure we shall hear much more of Doug Wamble, its pronounced 'Womble' by the way!

Don Mather




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