First, for another fairly obscure theatre composer: Jacques Grieve wrote a score for Larks in London, toured in 1899, which show was a re-working of the 1886 musical Larks, whose music had been by a consortium headed by W. Meyer Lutz (previously covered).

Coming more up to date, a mention now for Leonard Duck, active in a composing sense in the 1960s and a writer of instrumental music suitable for young and other amateurs: Cradle Song, Frescoes and Gaytime for piano; Five For a Fiddler, easy violin pieces; Cameos, (three cello and piano pieces), Impressions (Promenade – Berceuse – Caprice) for oboe and piano; Three Pieces ("tone sketches" Fanfare – Elegy – Burlesque) for trumpet and piano; The Silver Huntress for horns and piano; and The Melody Looms, for recorder(s) and piano.

Next for a few similarly named composers. Ralph Cox and Denis Cox both wrote ballads up to a century ago. To a Hilltop for the former and Mary My Treasure for the latter may serve as examples. In 1960 one Anthony Berkeley Cox published Four Conventional Waltzes, Four Unconventional Waltzes and Two Marches, respectively. The Fighting Patrol (March for the Home Guard) and Highland Patrol, all for piano solo. He may be identical with the Anthony Berkeley Cox (1893-1971), writer of crime fiction and reviews under the names of Anthony Berkeley and Francis Iles.

Arthur Crocker was another ballad composer, of, for example, Just A Little Lady. I am not sure if he was related to Emily Crocker, composer of choral pieces like the short Joyfully Sing.

Malcolm Hawkins’ A Day in Town: suite for School Orchestra, dated 1973, has the movements Downtown Frolic, Preamble in the Park, High Street Parade and Twilight Reminiscence. He has also composed choral miniatures.

Finally a mention for Daniel Pemberton, who has composed the rather attractive, if not particularly Edwardian, music for the Channel 4 feature The Edwardian Country House (2002).

Philip L Scowcroft

April 2002

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