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Collection: MUSIC FOR STRINGS: Sibelius: Suite Champêtre/Canzonetta; Dvorák: Waltzes in A and Dflat minor/Nocturne in B/Humoresque in G flat; Elgar: Salut d'amour/Sospiri; Grieg: Two Melodies: The Goal; The First Meeting/Nordic Melodies: In FolkStyle; Cow Call; Peasant Dance/Two Elegiac Pieces: The Wounded Heart; Last Spring The Serenata of London/Barry Wilde IMP 30367 02492 [69:23]



This looks on paper to be an interesting and unusual collection of short works. But it doesn't work mainly because the majority of these pieces are so sad and melancholy. A more varied programme would have saved the day. In the heavy hands of this ensemble they sound even bleaker. By the time, for instance, one gets to the first piece with any signs of joy or even a tempo with any speed or real rhythm the players seem to exhausted to enjoy Dvorak's Humoresque. By the time I reached the final track 18 - Grieg's Last Spring I was beyond even despair.

I'm sorry I cannot summon up any enthusiasm to discuss this disc in detail and I cannot recommend it at all


Ian Lace


Rob Barnett

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