BOOK REVIEW: WALDER, David E. How to Stay Awake During Anybody's Slow Movement (The Average Music Lover's Guide to Concert-going). Published by Sound and Vision ISBN 920151-20-5



This is a light-hearted little book written by an author whose musical qualifications far outrank his humour which is decidedly juvenile.

However, if you can tolerate( or preferably skip) the endless introductory blurb and realise that the plethora of names frequently referred to is totally irrelevant, the book may improve as it gets into the swing of things.

The humour is generally vulgar, less than adult which may render it inoffensive. It can be quite funny. The author has a good eye for the ridiculous and uses this in quite an amusing way to lampoon concert audiences. Albeit fairly well hidden, the book contains some useful information for the newcomer to music although if such a newcomer is an earnest seeker after knowledge I doubt if this is the book he would choose.

The book can be best recommended as an accompaniment to a tedious and delay-ridden journey by public transport because it does raise several smiles and even the odd snigger.

And, incidentally, real music-lovers would not sleep in a slow movement!


Gill Goodwin.

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Gill Goodwin.

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