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BRITISH SOLO SONG: a guide for for singers, teachers, librarians and the music trade of songs currently available.

By Michael Pilkington

Thames/Elkin Publications, 2003: xii, 308pp, inc. three indices. ISBN 0 905210 78 6 19.99 paperback


This is the third edition of a book originally published as English Solo Song and reviewed in its earlier editions (1997 and 1998) in BMS News 75 (p.86) and News 80 (p.246) respectively.

There has been a further welcome improvement in presentation (the Thames imprint is now part of Elkin Publications, much to its advantage these days), and the reasonable price rise after five years is well justified (the 1998 edition cost 17.50). There are now some fifty extra pages included; the format is larger, making the book more pleasing to handle; and better quality paper has been used.

Not only have entries been updated and expanded where necessary (I was particularly pleased to see the Moeran entry now so comprehensively revised), but there are two additional Indices: an Index of Poets (useful for devising recital programmes) and an Index of Translators. In addition, cross-referencing has been provided in the Title Index between different titles which refer to the same poem.

Previous editions of this valuable book are now completely superseded. This is an indispensable purchase for lovers of the British solo art song.

© John Talbot


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