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Jonathan Woolf

Jonathan Woolf was born in London in 1963. Successive failure to master the piano, cornet and violin persuaded him to abandon such musical ambitions as he had. Instead a vicarious pleasure was nurtured in the talent of others, encouraged by his parents who insisted on taking him as a child to concerts through which he happily slept (the acme of this achievement was one given by Klemperer).

A period in the wilderness - also known as university - saw late nights accompanied by day time visits to now long-departed record shops. It was at Direction in Dean Street for example that he first heard Rubbra and a George Lloyd Symphony, that kindled his interest in British music. And it was at the Music Exchange in Betterton Street that he descended to the basement depths and bought his first 78. He still maintains an inquisitive approach to the repertoire maintaining interests in British, Czech and Scandinavian music amongst much else.

As a reviewer he focuses on a significant number of historic recordings, remaining as unshakeable an admirer of musicians of the past as the day he first heard their recordings (specifically violinists Mischa Elman, Albert Sammons and Fritz Kreisler).

Married, he works as a librarian, a suitable profession for cataloguing the mountainous piles of LPs, CDs, 78s, cassettes and books that seek daily to envelop him.



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