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1. Concerto for violin, piano, harpsichord and organ
2. Vocal Cycle on verses by Tatiana Cherednichenko
3. Daphne - trio for saxophone, cello and organ
4. Concerto No.2 for piano and orchestra

 Tatiana Sergeyva (piano, organ, harpsichord) all tracks
1. Vladislav Igolinsky (violin), rec Moscow Conservatoire, 1991
2. Natalia Gorelik-Leonina (mezzo), rec Moscow, 1997
3. Alexey Volkov (sax), Vladimir Tonkha (cello), rec Moscow Conservatoire, 1995
4. Pavel Kovalenko (trumpet), Urals Academic PO/Dmitry Liss, rec Moscow Conservatoire, 1996
BOHEME CDBMR 001123 [62.23]

Sergeyeva as a composer is quite unknown in the West. Her music is contentious, often aggressive in a gripping but thorny modernistic mode. She favours parataxis or, if there is a logical flow it is subtle and far from obvious. Here the composer must be taken to be well served as she plays the piano in all four pieces.

In the concerto the music proceeds by flea jump seizure lightened by a racing cimbalom and a dash of Hassidic colour. The music has a sour mystery and a quiet deep percussive rumble over which a Schnittke-like violin solo sings a Mephistophelean lament. The organ makes a rather wheezy figure in the fourth movement. There is a final splenetic section.

The Cherednichenko songs are greatly aided by the light brandy of Natalia Gorelik-Leonina's wonderful voice. She would make a world-beating Carmen/ The song Lost In the Grass has a Berners-like obliqueness but turns a strange corner seeming to echo some national anthem! In Roundel the accompaniment is like manic pianola with Hispanic overtones. The Daphne Trio deploys a Gothic-inclined organ, another violin serenade and some attacking work for the saxophone.

The Concerto is the most fractured of all the works. The elements are easy to identify: chaos, aggression, feral virility, incongruous juxtapositions, some vexed humour, a touch of parody and ichor-black serenades

This disc is for tougher-souled explorers. If I have given a low star marking it reflects my failure to connect with this music.

Rob Barnett


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