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Johannes TINCTORIS Masses L'homme arme and Sine nomine.   The Clerks' Group, director Edward Wickham Cypres CYP 3608 68'36"

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Tinctoris (c.1430-1511) was famous as the author of the first musical dictionary and for numerous theoretical treatises, less so for his compositions. He was choirmaster in Orleans Cathedral, subsequently director of the royal household in Naples.

These two of his four Masses are receiving their first recordings. The 3-voice Sine nomine has a low countertenor extra manum which descends to the low Bb, darkening the texture. The famous tune is well in evidence in the other, four part mass setting. This is unusual in having additional words (tropes) in the Kyrie and Sanctus.

Edward Wickham's line up is unusual, two altos (one of them female), two tenors, two baritones and two sonorous basses. The notes (translated from the French) are not quite as clear as in the ASV series. Sound is good and it is a recommendable CD, as are all those of The Clerks' Group.


Peter Grahame Woolf


Peter Grahame Woolf

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