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WENDY CARLOS Switched-On Box Set Wendy Carlos   ESD East Side Digital ESD81422 Collector's deluxe edition

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1 Switched-on Bach

2 Well-Tempered Synthesizer

3 Switched-on Bach II

4 Switched-on Brandenburgs

This is an amusing single disc sampler prompting memories of those late sixties and seventies releases when synthesisers were the 'dernier cri'. These represent much loving care lavished on the original analogue tapes using ultra-high fidelity 20-Bit High-D sound. So memory lane for 'forty somethings'? Yes, but is there more?

Well there is a grandeur about much of this music (try Orfeo Suite - Monteverdi and Handel Water Music). The liquid burble of the Scarlatti sonatas is attractive. Other-worldliness hangs like a damask cloak over the extract from Monteverdi Vespers of 1610. Sheep May Safely Graze plods glumly along but this is the sole miscalculation in an otherwise chummy and sometimes remarkable collection. I am not sure I personally could stand a whole CD of this at a single sitting but there is no doubting the musicality of this music. If it appeals at a nostalgic level then well and good too.


Rob Barnett

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