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May 31, 2010

Bax on YouTube

Editor's Note: The following are links to various YouTube videos featuring performances and rehearsals of Bax's music and/or musicians talking about Bax. 

Vernon Handley rehearses the Ulster Orchestra in Bax's Garden of Fand.   A segment from a TV program from 1988.

Vernon Handley Conducts Bax's Third Symphony - my own tribute to the conductor using photos from his recording sessions as well as of Bax himself. 

Conductor David Curtis on recording Bax's Concertino with the Orchestra of the Swan and pianist Mark Bebbington.

Video 1 and Related Videos: Pianist Jonathan Powell plays Bax's First Piano Sonata complete. 

Pianist Phillip Sear plays Bax's A Country Tune.

Flutist ' Flutechito' practices Bax's Elegiac Trio.

Violist Yupei, Hsiao plays Bax's Elegiac Trio with friends.  

'DrewBalach' and friends play Bax's Elegiac Trio.

Violist Victor de Almeida and harpist Gillian Benet Sella, performing the first movement of the Fantasy Sonata for Viola and Harp by Sir Arnold Bax.

Haprist Elizabeth Ciavolino performs Bax's Fantasy Sonata with violist Mary Ferrillo at the University of Maryland's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on April 22, 2010.

National Children's Orchestra play the opening of Bax's November Woods.