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Rhodes International Music Festival

Organized by : Polifonia Athenaeum

Cultural Organization of the Rhodes Municipality

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Athens, May 2001

Dear Friends,

Polifonia Athenaeum and the Cultural Organization of Rhodes Municipality announce the RHODES 4th INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL. (For a report of the 3rd International Festival, see (

The relevant Manifestations will take place from 8 to 12 May 2002 and comprise: The 4th International Choir Competition, the 4th International Lyric Soloist Competition & Concerts including Beethoven's 9th Symphony & Verdi's Requiem with The Philharmonia Orchestra of Plovdiv, Bulgaria and the Burgas Opera Choir. For parts from other works (Ernani, Halleluia from Handel's Messiah, Va pensiero) the professional Choir will be supported by 200 singers of the Festival.

The Island of the Sun and the Light, the fascinating Rhodes, is opening its gates to welcome ensembles from all parts of the Planet to present their cultural work in the most beautiful side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dr. Thrassos Cavouras (Artistic Director)



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