S&H Concert Review

EDITORIAL December 2000

This has been a hectic month, with the change-over to an association with Vavo (you can still access S&H by the usual website address, but Vavo too will appear miraculously on your screen) and a period away from base for the Huddersfield Festival (reports to be published shortly).

We have been upgrading our equipment to Windows 98 (and have temporarily lost scanning capability as a consequence - therefore fewer graphics than usual!), necessary for compatability with OpenWorld broadband, which is being installed today for faster internet access.

It is particularly gratifying to have received excellent reports from several new contributors to Seen&Heard, who are very welcome. Editorial time is very hard-pressed, so it is helpful if material can be prepared so as to require minimal correction and editing, i.e. spell-check please, and if possible send text as straight email text plus attachment (preferably in WORD, i.e. .doc) with formatting as you would like to see your writing to appear on line. (Technical advice from the Webmaster will be available if necessary.)

Peter Grahame Woolf

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